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Jadrak High Carbon Solid Tip for Repairing (SCT) - 4 Sizes

SKU: SCT0921

BARCODE: 8809237500077

PRODUCT TYPE: 1009681472

VENDOR: Jadrak


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Now cut off the broken part near the top guide and restore it instead of attaching a new top guide. This is a solid tip that connects the two broken parts near the tip.
  • Model: SCT
  • Material: Highly elastic carbon solid
  • How to use: Cut the appropriate part according to the inner diameter of the broken part and use it, or you can use it as is.
  • Features
  • High elasticity allows for repairs to the correct size by cutting and using while maximizing the existing action.
  • If regular glass or low-elasticity carbon solid is used, it may become a weak point that cannot withstand bending and breaks.
  • When mounted on an existing rod, it can be converted to a bullet that produces a more finesse fast action.
  • Model name Material Color Total length Location 0mm 240mm 340mm 345mm 370mm
    SCT0921 Carbon Matte black 370mm Apocrypha 0.9mm 1.88mm 2.19mm 2.14mm 2.14mm
    SCT1122 Carbon Matte black 370mm Apocrypha
    1.1mm 2.1mm 2.28mm 2.23mm 2.23mm
    SCT1325 Carbon Matte black 370mm Apocrypha
    1.3mm 2.28mm 2.6mm 2.55mm 2.55mm
    SCT1525 Carbon Matte black 370mm Apocrypha
    1.5mm 2.45mm 2.55mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
    Description of repair method
  • Smooth both ends with sandpaper so that the broken part is vertical.
  • First, measure the inner diameter on both sides of the broken part.
  • Determine SCT cutting sections of the same size. If cut longer, the action will be stiffer and if cut shorter, it will be similar to the bone action.
  • It is true that it is stiffer than the existing action, and it can be adjusted to some extent by SCT cutting length.
  • Determine the cutting part of the SCT and cut it cleanly with scissors or nippers.
  • Apply epoxy liberally to the entire cut part of the SCT, turn it, and insert it from both sides. Epoxy that did not enter can be removed cleanly with a wet tissue or alcohol.
  • At this time, check the guide alignment again and allow the epoxy to dry sufficiently. (Recommended to use general epoxy bond)
  • After the epoxy dries, if the connection on both sides of the break is not smooth, smooth it out with sandpaper.
  • If the mark is unsightly, wrap it with wrapping yarn of the same color as the blank as an option.

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    Jadrak High Carbon Solid Tip for Repairing  (SCT) - 4 Sizes

    Jadrak High Carbon Solid Tip for Repairing (SCT) - 4 Sizes